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Mill Hill Seed Beads (#s 00xxx to 02xxx)
We carry all of the Mill Hill Glass Seed beads. Click here to see the whole selection. Note that none of the Mill Hill metallic beads are suitable for jewelry.
Seed Beads for Cross Stitch

Antique Seed Beads
Antique Glass Seed Beads (03xxx)
We carry the complete collection of Mill Hill Antique Seed beads. Similar to the Glass Beads, only with a more matte finish.

Glass (12xxx) and Crystal Treasures (13xxx)
We carry the entire selection of Mill Hill Treasures.
Crystal Treasures

Petite Glass Seed Beads
Mill Hill Petite Glass Beads (4xxxx)
We have them all! Petite beads are very similar to the glass seed beads, only smaller. They fit into small cross stitch squares very nicely!

Frosted Seed Beads (6xxxx) and Magnifica Beads (10xxx)
We carry all of the Magnifica Beads and Frosted Beads from Mill Hill. Please note once more that the metallic beads are not suitable for jewelry.
Magnifica Beads

Bead Kits from Mill Hill
We are pleased to offer a vast selection of Mill Hill Bead kits. Some of these have more beads than others; on the whole they are smaller, supremely fun little projects that turn out wonderfully. We have Christmas Bead kits, pins, bands, and many more!

And many more - including:
Bugle Beads (7, 8, and 9xxxx), Pebble Beads (05xxx), 8/0 and 6/0 Pony Beads (16xxx and 18xxx).

We can special order any Mill Hill Beads that you want if you cannot find them on our site!