Our Privacy Policy

It's simple...we do not share!

Privacy of Your Information

On our website, we collect certain information from our users, which we will describe and explain in pretty good detail in the coming paragraphs. Here are a few things that you can be sure of:

1. Placing an order with us will NOT land you on ANY lists. I despise those order forms that have the "Would you like to receive Promotional Offers" boxes already checked for you. You won't find any of those here! You may sign up for our Newsletter of your own accord, on our homepage, or by physically checking the box asking to get it when you place an order. See Item #2.

2. Signing up for our Newsletter will put you on our email Newsletter list and THAT's ALL. IF you CHOOSE to sign up for our newsletter, we will mail you about once a month about our new patterns - not once a week or once a day.

3. We won't sell your information to anyone! I hate junk mail, email SPAM, telemarketers... and I assume that you probably don't like them either. There are better and more honest ways for a business to make money. We don't share with anyone, including other craft companies.

Information we Collect and Why

1. Your IP address and Browser Type
Our statistics software collects IP addresses. This is the number assigned to your computer by your Internet Provider. Mostly, this allows our stats program to give us pretty graphs, for example, showing the percentage of our visitors who are from the USA, or Australia, or the UK, etc. That way, if we see we have a bunch of visitors from Australia, maybe we will run a special on shipping to Australia. Or if we suddenly notice that no one visits us from Belgium anymore (just an example! We love our Belgian customers!), we can try to figure out why.

Sometimes, our website or store isn't working right for some people. In our Error Log, if we see that we have 10 website errors that were generated by visitors using Internet Explorer 4.0, but it's working fine for everyone else, then I can get a copy of Internet Explorer 4.0 for myself and try to figure out what is going wrong!

That is why we collect this information. We usually see it as composite overall graphs and such...the only time we really look at an individual IP address is to try to catch the "baddies"...for example, someone going around posting lewd ads on my gallery pictures. Then I can block that computer from getting to our site, and hopefully stop the icky postings.

2. The Keywords you type in our Search Box
We don't see names, or IP addresses, or anything here, just a list of words. This is just for our information. If I see that 15 people in 2 days have searched our site for 18ct Dove Gray Aida, then I might think, "Gee, maybe we should start carrying 18ct Dove Gray Aida." Or, if everyone is looking for Christmas Stockings, maybe we will feature some Christmas stockings or run a special on them.

3. How you get to our site, and how you leave it.
Again, no names or anything specific are collected, but I like to know how visitors got here. It lets me know how we are doing with Google and Yahoo, or if it is worth maintaining our account at Top 100 Cross Stitch Sites (for example). Since we are a store, and our goal is to sell you some cross stitch, I also like to know how you leave. If I see a pattern of people looking around our site, but they all leave when they get to my "Baby Cross Stitch" page, then I probably need to try to change it somehow. No matter how wonderful I myself might think it is, obviously my visitors are not finding what they are looking for on the baby page, and they're the important people!

4. Information that you give us.
When you place an order, or send me a question, you provide me with your contact (and sometimes payment) information so I know where to send your products, or what address to send my response to. This information is stored by me in our secure database and is never shared with anyone outside of our offices (unless required by law). It is only used for the initially intended purpose, that is, to send your order or contact you about your order (or your question). We do not send mailers, we do not send email Spam, and we don't call people unless we have to.

We Use Cookies

What's a cookie? A cookie is a little message that our site sends to your computer, and your computer stores it... kind of like an email in an inbox, except it's a "cookie" in your "browser". When you are looking at our site, this cookie is kind of like a valet ticket. Here's an (laymen's) example of how it works in our store: When you enter, our website makes a "shopping cart" space for you, and it sends you a cookie that says "this is your shopping cart space." So you look around, and maybe add some things to your shopping cart. Say you get interrupted, and come back to our website a few hours later. This time, your browser will say, "I don't need a cookie, I already have one. My shopping cart is number 1234567." And then our website will pull up your shopping cart and you can pick up where you left off. The cookie automatically deletes itself when you check out, or after a certain period of time. If you have your browser set to block cookies, you can still use our website, it just might be a little annoying sometimes; you will have to call us to place your order as the 'shopping cart' will not work..

The bottom line is, that we try to practice the golden rule, in our visitor's Privacy and everything else, and
Do unto others as we would like done unto us!
If you have any questions about this policy, please feel free to let us know, using our contact page, or at the address below.

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