Cross Stitch from Dimensions & Bucilla

Featured Dimensions Cross Stitch
Fall Fairy - Cross Stitch

Fall Fairy


Treasured Words Wedding Record - Cross Stitch

Treasured Words Wedding Record


Butterfly Forest - Cross Stitch

Butterfly Forest


Voyage at Sea - Cross Stitch

Voyage at Sea


Christmas Morning Pets - Cross Stitch

Christmas Morning Pets


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The Gold Collection from Dimensions is a set of wonderful designs from this well-known company that set themselves apart from the rest for their lovely detail and effect. Many of them use half-cross stitches for subtle shading, others may use metallics or beads. Their many subtle color changes form a spectacular finished project. All are Full kits.

Dimensions also produces BabyHugs, which is a set of adorable baby designs from Dimensions. All are full kits; many of the quilts are stamped.

Besides those in the special collections above, Dimensions has many other great designs, including a collection of 5" x 7" "Petite" designs.

Many Dimensions kits were under the Sunset name until just recently, as Dimensions acquired Sunset several years ago. If you are looking for a Sunset design, you may find it in the Dimensions section.

Bucilla another wonderful and popular producer of full kits for cross stitch, covering religious topics, Christmas, and other miscellaneous subjects.

Plus, though many of these designs are only available as full kits, We have everything you need to make those that aren't - the metallic threads, the beads, the hand-dyed fabrics - you can get it all here.

If you are looking for a design and you can't find it on our website, we may still be able to help! Contact Us and we'll see what we can do.

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Featured Bucilla Cross Stitch
Dream Create Believe - Cross Stitch

Dream Create Believe

Discontinued - while supply lasts

Noah's Ark Birth Record - Cross Stitch

Noah's Ark Birth Record


Baby Blocks Crib Cover - Cross Stitch

Baby Blocks Crib Cover


The Hiding Place - Cross Stitch

The Hiding Place

Discontinued - while supply lasts

Bot Buddies - Cross Stitch

Bot Buddies

Discontinued - while supply lasts