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Featured Lanarte Cross Stitch
Garden Bounty (Hand Pump) - Cross Stitch

Garden Bounty (Hand Pump)


Pot of Pansies - Cross Stitch

Pot of Pansies


Spring Flowers Basket - Cross Stitch

Spring Flowers Basket


Wheelbarrow and Sunflowers - Cross Stitch

Wheelbarrow and Sunflowers


Wisteria - Cross Stitch



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Lanarte | Maria Van Scharrenburg | Marjolein Bastin

Lanarte is a cross stitch kit company that is located in The Netherlands (Holland). Lanarte adapts beautiful artwork for counted cross stitch and makes kits using the finest cross stitch supplies available. Many of them have hand-dyed fabric. Some of Lanarte's featured artists are described below.

Maria van Scharrenburg is a well established artist who began her career in her early twenties and since then has developed a unique style of her own. She is not only a painter but she has also experimented with various techniques involving textiles. Since 1982, Maria has concentrated exclusively on cross stitch designs. As her designs became more popular, she found herself more and more involved with the business activities and decided that she was missing her true passion for design, and formed an alliance with Lanarte. She now spends her time creating stunning designs in cross stitch.

Marjolein Bastin is a well known illustrator whose subjects are drawn from nature. Since she published in North America her work has become extremely successful. By perfectly capturing the spirit of her drawings, Lanarte makes it possible for you to have an original Marjolein Bastin design in cross-stitch

Lanarte has many other great designs from other great artists. Among these are Willem Haenraets, Sara Moon, Joadoor, Coraline, Mylene de Kleijn, William Barribal, and Jan Kooistra.

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Featured Lanarte Cross Stitch
Birthsign Fire - Cross Stitch

Birthsign Fire


Ballerina - Cross Stitch



Birthsign Air - Cross Stitch

Birthsign Air


Wheelbarrow and Sunflowers - Cross Stitch

Wheelbarrow and Sunflowers


Romance - Cross Stitch