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Religious and Christian Cross Stitch

Featured Cross Stitch Religious
Virgin of the Grapes - Cross Stitch

Virgin of the Grapes

Discontinued - while supply lasts

Creation - Cross Stitch


Discontinued - while supply lasts

The Lords Prayer - Cross Stitch

The Lords Prayer


La Belle Jardiniere - Cross Stitch

La Belle Jardiniere

Discontinued - while supply lasts

Madonna Tempi - Cross Stitch

Madonna Tempi


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Religious Cross Stitch | Prayers and Verses | Portraits of Christ

Religious designs bring peace and love to stitchers around the world.

Stitching can be a wonderful outlet of your personal spiritual journey with these comforting and inspirational designs.

We have designs of Bible verses, blessings, Christ, Mary, and more.

Plus, We have everything you need to make nearly all of the designs you see here - the metallic threads, the beads, the hand-dyed fabrics - you can get it all here.

If you are looking for a design and you can't find it on our website, we may still be able to help! Contact Us and we'll see what we can do.

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Featured Cross Stitch Religious
Quaker Harmony - Cross Stitch

Quaker Harmony


Saint Ekatherine - Cross Stitch

Saint Ekatherine

Discontinued - while supply lasts

I Asked Jesus - Cross Stitch

I Asked Jesus


Virgin Mary - Cross Stitch

Virgin Mary

Discontinued - while supply lasts

Christ at the Door - Cross Stitch

Christ at the Door

Discontinued - while supply lasts