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Featured Cross Stitch Samplers
Bounty Sampler - Cross Stitch

Bounty Sampler


Crystal Waters - Cross Stitch

Crystal Waters


Faith Sampler - Cross Stitch

Faith Sampler


Hope Sampler - Cross Stitch

Hope Sampler


A is for Angel - Cross Stitch

A is for Angel


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Samplers are among the most traditional forms of cross-stitching that exist. While modern, shaded designs that look almost like paintings are a recent development, stitching of samplers has been done for centuries.

A sampler can be a very enjoyable way to not only expand your stitching repertoire and experience, but also reconnect with heritage. Many feature the date and initials of the stitcher. Others feature a wide variety of specialty stitches - but don't worry, all come with excellent instructions, and we can help you too.

Plus, We have everything you need to make nearly all of the designs you see here - the metallic threads, the beads, the hand-dyed fabrics - you can get it all here.

If you are looking for a design and you can't find it on our website, we may still be able to help! Contact Us and we'll see what we can do.

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Featured Cross Stitch Samplers
Hearts of the Kingdom - Cross Stitch

Hearts of the Kingdom


Jingle Bells Xmas Tree Farm - Cross Stitch

Jingle Bells Xmas Tree Farm


White Christmas - Cross Stitch

White Christmas


Happily Ever After - Cross Stitch

Happily Ever After


Three Pines Sampler - Cross Stitch

Three Pines Sampler