Petite Treasure Braid -

Petite Treasure Braid

Petite Treasure Braid from Rainbow Gallery. Please use the boxes below to specify how many of each color you would like.

$2.50 each

PB01   Bright Gold
PB02   Light (Arctic) Gold
PB03   Gold
PB04   White Gold
PB05   Black
PB06   Green
PB07   Red
PB08   Blue
PB09   Sky Blue
PB10   White Pearl
PB11   Purple
PB12   Lavender
PB13   Pink
PB14   Bronze
PB15   Lt Multi
PB16   Dark Multi
PB17   Water Blue
PB18   Midnight Blue
PB19   Dark Red
PB20   Dark Green
PB21   Copper
PB22   Dk Turquoise
PB23   Snow
PB24   Rose
PB25   Old Gold
PB26   Gold
PB27   Ice
PB28   Powder Pink
PB29   Burgundy
PB30   Black Gold
PB31   Evergreen
PB32   Pewter
PB33   Blue
PB34   Deep Purple
PB35   Lt Antique Gold
PB36   Antique Gold
PB37   Dk Antique Gold
PB38   Azure Blue
PB39   New Copper
PB40   Egyptian Gold
PB56   Pale Avocado
PB59   Black Silver
PB63   Deep Midnight Blue
PB66   Amethyst
PB205   Amethyst Pearl
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