The Usual
Prices may change without notice.
Errors and omissions excepted.
All prices in US dollars.
Availability may change without notice.

If paying by Credit card or e-check, the cardholder agrees to be charged the amount shown for merchandise, shipping, and applicable tax.
Clicking the "Submit Order for Processing" button is considered and agreed to be the equivalent of your signature for credit.
We do not ship merchandise until we have received payment from a valid credit card or check.

Dishonored Checks and Cards
In the event that a check or a credit card is dishonored, we reserve the right to charge the user the amount of extra charges due to this that the bank/financial institute charges us.

We reserve the right to deny service to suspicious or fraudulent transactions, as deemed appropriate by our staff.

Answering Emails
I correspond by email almost entirely and most emails are answered within 1 business day.  However, some emails have un-repliable addresses; sometimes some background work is required to generate a reply.   So, please excuse tardy replies.  I would be delighted to hear from you by phone.

If you are responding to an email from me about your order, and I have given you an order/invoice number (it will be in the subject line), please reply with it still there, and preferably leave my note to you in the reply.

Confirming Orders Received
When you send an order, you will receive an email shopping receipt, provided you have supplied a valid email address with your order.  You should get it one second after submitting the order. Please print it so you have a copy, and be patient. I will send your order to you within two business days if I have it in stock, although if an item is out of stock it may be four to six weeks.

If you are on email, and the correct email address comes through with the order, I will confirm the mailing of your parcel when it is shipped. 

We are not responsible for orders which are submitted incomplete, or order submissions which appear to have been tampered with.

Returns Policy

Orders are not automatically returnable.

All returns must be agreed beforehand.  Please request a Returns number using our Return form.

'Special Orders' are not returnable.  These are orders that we order for you from another distributor that are not from our stock.  This may be when you find an item through the distributor's web site, or ask us to look for an item for you.

Patterns and manufactured kits are not returnable unless the seal is intact. This is to prevent people from photocopying a pattern and then returning it, or worse, copying it, posting it to the internet to share, and then returning the physical pattern. The overwhelming majority of stitchers are honest, good people, but we must have this policy in order to protect designers.

If there is a fault in the product, the manufacturer or designer will usually replace whatever is necessary. We cannot guarantee what their policy is, and are not responsible for manufacturers' errors.

If insured goods are damaged in transit, it is the customer's responsibility to make a claim at their local Post Office and show them the damaged goods immediately, then the Post Office reimburses. If the shipment was not insured, we will replace the merchandise.

If we send the wrong goods we will exchange, or re-imburse, at our expense.  This means that we made a mistake in completing your order.  For this the goods must be returned in as-new condition and still be sealed in their original wrappers, and returned to us within one month.

For Non-USA Addresses  If your parcel is returned to us due to such reasons as, Unclaimed, Not collected, Customs duty owing, Refused, etc., and the parcel did arrive at the right destination, we can forward it again to you at your request, and at your additional expense. With the Customs Label Number you may complain to your own country's Customs Department. 

We insure all shippings, one way or another.  For overseas it might be registered.  Although this makes shipping more expensive, it is far safer, and certainly so for some countries.  Not all countries have insured mail, then we might chose between registered or express which is always insured, or simply assume the liability ourselves.   If you do not want a parcel insured, we can send it for a lesser Shipping & Handling charge, but then we ARE NOT responsible or liable for delivery by the postal service.

Lost Parcels
We send nearly all domestic parcels though the US Postal Service Delivery Confirmation, with a tracking number, or by UPS, unless you ask us to do otherwise.  If the parcel fails to arrive in a reasonable time, please let us know.  We can ask the Post Office to trace it in the US after 21 days, abroad after 60 days.  In order to make a claim, the Post office has issued the following :
"The mailer must present the following: Written and signed documentation from the addressee (such as a letter), dated at least 21 days from the date of mailing, stating the addressee did not receive the article."
For foreign parcels the same applies, but the letters must be dated at least 60 days after mailing.  I am sorry for this inconvenience, but we are unable to reimburse for lost packages unless we have proof that they were not received. It is a pity that the few dishonest people make this necessary for the rest of us who just want our cross stitch!

Orders may be cancelled up to the day before we ship your order, unless we made a special order for you.  As orders are not charged before the day we ship them, there is no need for refunds.  After this period, keeping in mind that many orders are shipped within 24-48 hours, please see Returns

Credit Cards Address Verification
The credit card system has put certain checks in place to protect the card holders, the merchants and the banks.  If you hand a card in at a store or restaurant, they see the card and you, and they get an ink signature.  While submitting an online order is the equivalent of signing your name and agreeing to the charge, we have no way of verifying that signature. Therefore, the mail order and Internet businesses have different rules.  As I do not see the card nor the person handing it in, I have to verify the name and address of the customer with the bank, and this can lead to some declined cards from simple errors.  Please be careful when entering your billing information, and if a problem does arise, double check that you entered your address and 3-digit security code correctly.

The pictures you see on my web site are the best images I can give you considering the time it takes to load them.  Please remember that:

  • The colors and sizes of the pictures on your screen will probably be different to what other people see on their screens, because all computers display differently.
  • The colors are the best I can scan from the cover of the chart, usually, but I find that some are not the same as the finished picture, especially for what the background fabric looks like.
  • If you are not certain that you will like a pattern when you get it, please see my Returns Policy above.

Privacy Policy
Your details are never shared with any other business or person, except as required by law.  All processing is done here by my own staff.  All data is only kept locally in my offices and is not on-line to any other systems.

We are in Minnesota, USA.  We charge a sales tax to all addresses here in Minnesota.  We do not, and may not, charge any other taxes in the USA or overseas.  However, if your country has any taxes or other fees or duties, etc., on imported goods, you will be responsible and liable to your governments for those charges.  I do not know what they are.  If you do not know what you might be liable for, please contact your own relevant government department.